6 Signs You Should Sell Your Business in Dallas

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The decision to sell your business in Dallas is one of the hardest decisions you will likely face in your lifetime. So, what are the signs that indicate selling is a good decision? Ideally, you want to sell when the value of your company is highest and when you are ready and the time is […]

How Much Does a Dallas Business Broker Cost?

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As Dallas business brokers, we are often asked how much we charge. So, we decided to write a comprehensive review discussing the general costs of acquiring a Dallas business broker. Keep in mind, this is general information about brokers in general. Every business brokerage in Dallas has their own pricing method. Although we only charge […]

The Importance of a Professional Valuation From a Dallas Business Broker

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A professional valuation from a Dallas business broker is a great way to determine the market value and overall worth of your business. In this review, we discuss everything business owners in Dallas (and the surrounding areas) should know about a professional valuation, including what it is exactly, the different types, what is included, and […]

The Importance of a Dallas, TX Business Broker

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You are not legally obligated to hire a business broker if you are selling a business in Dallas, TX (or the surrounding areas). However, you face major risks if you elect not to work with a business broker to sell your business. In this review, we discuss the importance of working directly with a full-service […]

5 Myths About Working With a Dallas Business Broker

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If you are selling your business in Dallas, then you may have been told (or read about) the importance of working with a business broker. Anytime a business owner brings someone else from outside the company into the fold, it can cause soe legitimate questions and concerns about the involved risks. In this review, we […]

The 5 Best Business Brokers in Dallas, TX

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Your choice of a Dallas business broker is one of the most critical decisions when planning and executing your exit strategy. The last thing you want is to switch business brokerages in the middle of the sales process; this can lead to major losses in time and money. This guide is designed to help you […]

FAQs About Dallas, TX Business Brokers

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  There is a fair amount of ambiguity among sellers as it pertains to working with a business broker. We seek to answer some of the more common questions we receive from our clients to help you plan your exit strategy and choose the right business broker to facilitate the sale of your company.    […]

The Different Types of Business Brokers

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The type of business broker you choose can affect your experience as well as the success of your business sale. Each type of business broker offers a different set of services and brings a unique set of skills and focus to the table. It is important to understand the differences between each type so that […]

What Makes a Business Sellable?

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As a business brokerage with decades of experience and hundreds of businesses sold, we have seen it all as it pertains to mergers and acquisitions. We have seen a countless number of companies sell effortlessly, fielding multiple competitive offers and ultimately accepting a deal far above what was considered fair market value. So, what made […]

How to Find The Best Dallas, TX Business Broker

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There is nothing worse for a business owner who is selling than to have to change business brokers in the middle of the sale process. This can lead to major setbacks and/or a significant compromise to your asking price, leading you to not sell for an extended period of time and/or selling far below the […]