Bob Kelly

"Throughout my career I have always made sure that I provide everyone involved with all of the facts, I show up on time, I respond as quickly as possible, and never try to push people into making the wrong decision for their situation.” — Bob Kelly

Business Broker

Bob has 35 years of experience in Brokerage, Sales, Sales Management, and General Management in various industries, including Document Destruction, Business Forms and Printing, Medical Waste, Real Estate, and IT Consulting.  He has attended numerous sales training programs such as Xerox, NCR, and BFI. 


  • 35 years being a brokerage, Sales, Sales Management, and General Management in various industries.
  • Bob has managed over 1000 accounts


  • BS in Business and Economics from Trinity University
  • Minor in Psychology from Trinity University

Bob Kelly is a Business Broker in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  He has been involved in the sale of many businesses over the past 12 years, helping owners become rich and buyers realize their dreams of owning a successful business.  Bob also is a trained Business Consultant, enabling him to help sellers improve their business model, increase their profits, and ultimately obtain a higher price for their business.

Armed with a BS degree in Business and Economics, coupled with a minor degree in Psychology, Bob is able to connect with people at all levels.  He will calmly gather information and then give the business owner an honest, realistic opinion regarding the best way to proceed. You can rest assured that whatever is recommended is the right thing for the business.  Bob will also meet and qualify buyers in the same way, making sure that he only shows them businesses that are right for them. He is able to create a win-win scenario for both buyer and seller so that everyone’s goals are met, and will work alongside everyone in the process to make sure things flow smoothly and quickly.