Jesse Cantu

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,”

- Henry Ford


Jesse Cantu is a Business Broker in the South Texas/The Valley area. For both national and international companies, Jesse Cantu provides security consultancy services. During the last 21 years, he has provided security services for the largest inland port in the country at the South Texas Border.

Before joining the Security and Real Estate industries, he lived in New York City. There, he worked for a company specializing in diplomatic shipments for the Embassies in Washington and the Missions in New York. He has a long history in sales spanning his early 20’s when he worked for a family business as an insurance agent.

Jesse Cantu is a devout husband, father of five and grandfather of three. Exercise is part of his daily routine as he is an avid runner. Among his hobbies, he races obstacle courses in Spartan Races. He is a Christian man who deeply loves God. Additionally, he is enrolled in online studies at ORU.