Jon Peters

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Jon Peters is a Business Advisor.  He has the attitude that it is not just about doing another business deal, but about the people involved and helping them achieve their goals.

After joining the team in April of 2007, Jon realized early on that business brokering was right for him. He loves helping people succeed at reaching their dreams and what better way to do this than selling businesses.

Jon came out of Home Sales and Marketing and has owned multiple businesses in the construction industry. As a businesses owner he always had a bend towards caring for people, both customers and employees along with problem solving. His first response when faced with an issue is “How can we best resolve this?” and “How will this affect those involved?” Just like building a home, selling a business requires making a plan, and daily following and adjusting that plan brings success in the end. Knowing “what to do next” is key to getting it right when selling your business.

With Jon having years of experience as a business owner and knowing the constant successes and failures, wins and losses that an owner faces, naturally drives him to pursue every deal as if it were his own. He always strives to do what is best for the business owner. There is no better feeling than closing a deal and seeing the previous and new business owner both happy and satisfied to achieve what they came for.

Jon wakes up every morning with a fresh passion to grow and learn more about how to do life right and looks forward to helping many more business owners take that next step.