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An Insightful Business Valuation Process

At Sigma, we have owned and been involved in the sell of our own businesses, giving us the personal knowledge of the blood, sweat and tears that go into building a successful business. We’ve also helped hundreds of business owners successfully sell their businesses. This combination of experiences led to the development of our valuation model—one which helps you to achieve top dollar while increasing the chances of a quick sale.

No-cost Business Valuations

While there are business valuation techniques used for wealth planning purposes, tax compliance, litigation support, partnership disputes, etc., our focus is on providing the business owner with the company's "fair market value." In other words, an approximate price the business owner can expect interested buyers to offer for the company. The business valuation defines a realistic range of what the business is worth, and also offers business owners important information about a possible sale of their business, such as the types of buyers to expect, the anticipated duration of the process, the type of likely deal structure and the major objections buyers might have.


Clear methodology: While many business brokers have a mystery formula they use to perform a valuation, presenting you with a final number but providing very little insight into how they came up with it. At Sigma, we take the time to explain how we came to our valuation, addressing any questions or concerns before the sales process gets started.

Comparable statistics: Because of our extensive experience in selling businesses, we have access to a wide range of comparable statistics from our own sales and transactions as well as sales that other brokers across the U.S. have completed. Our valuations are based on real numbers, not best guesses.

Accuracy of Value: Following our valuation process, we are typically accurate within 5% of the business’ final selling price. In other words, when we give you a valuation for your business, the business typically receives offers and sells for an amount that is within 96% or more of our valuation.

Advice to increase value: With the experience of selling more than 500 businesses, Sigma’s professionals have a wealth of experience —and understand the qualities that increase the value as well as the characteristics that decrease value. We’ll provide you with actionable steps for how to improve your business’ value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

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What is My Business Worth?

While this business valuation is critical to the business owner, it's also vitally important to us. Because Sigma charges no upfront fees to market a business for sale, it's imperative that we only list businesses that we believe can be sold.

When you work with a Business Intermediary at Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions to create a business valuation, the goal is simple:  the creation of an accurate and comprehensive business appraisal document that will stand up to scrutiny.

The following information will be needed for Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions to complete a Dallas,Texas, business valuation:

  • Tax returns for the last 3 years Federal Tax Return
  • Interim Profit and Loss Statement (P&L), including balance sheet
  • Last 3 years Profit and Loss Statement (P&L), including balance sheet
  • Average value of inventory of sale'able product on hand at any time of year
  • Equipment List
  • Lease information
  • Copy of any real estate appraisal that is available; if the real estate may be included in the sale
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