Pre-qualified for SBA financing with multiple banks

This business has two distinct operations under the same roof. One side of the business focuses on multi-family properties, providing just about any and every renovation and repair service imaginable. The primary service is painting, but the business also provides carpet cleaning, resurfacing, flooring and cleaning services, to name a few. The other side of the business deals with residential real estate. These are typically investment properties that need major remodeling work in order to be ready for flipping or renting. The business has the capability to take on these major projects that can last for weeks. Overall, the revenue is split just about in half between the multi-family and residential work.

One of the unique assets this business owns that comes with the sale is a proprietary CRM software the owner had developed specifically for his business and industry. He spent approximately $150,000 on this development, and continues to pay maintenance fee to keep it updated. This software has helped to the business grow by creating significant efficiencies within the operation, and it’s also allowed the owner to take a major step back out of the day-to-day operations.

Revenue: $2,420,846

SDE: $559,060

Price: $1,850,000

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