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No matter if you are wanting to sell today? later in 2021, 2022 or beyond... now is the time to prepare.  Sigma will give you no nonsense advice that will enable you to maximize your value and find the right buyer for you and your employees. Since our founding in the 1979, we’ve helped more business owners in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas sell their business.

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More than just Money! 

You didn’t spend years of your life and invest blood sweat and tears just to hand it over to someone who is going to run the business into the ground.

Sigma ensures that we locate the right buyer who has the ability to buy as well as has the knowledge and expertise to grow the business long term.  You’ll be able to go through the negotiation process feeling comfortable that your business will be in good hands, and will be able to reassure employees, clients and even vendors that you found the right buyer!

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A Trusted Partner to Help You Sell Your Business

UA Trusted Partner to Help You Sell Your Business Selling a business can be frustrating, confusing and overwhelming--especially if you’re trying to continue to run it while you’re selling it! Working with a business broker who has been there before and thoroughly understand the ins and outs of the sales process will help alleviate many of the headaches and hassles, taking much of the weight off of your shoulders.

Working with Sigma is an investment in your short-term sanity and your long-term future. From helping you get your business ready to make its sales debut to guiding you step-by-step through the process and ensuring your business is accurately valued, Sigma is ready to help you with every aspect of your business sale, including:

Preparing to Sell

Sigma spends so much time ensuring that your business is properly positioned and packaged--so that you’ll be able to squeeze every ounce of value out of your business and will get the optimal exit strategy you’re looking for. Learn more about how Sigma helps get you ready to sell.

The DealMap Process

The process of selling your business isn’t just a sales transaction--it’s a life transition. Sigma’s DealMap selling approach minimizes unwelcome surprises during the sales process. all Find out more about what makes Sigma’s process different.

Business Valuation

You can’t determine a fair sales price for your business until you have a solid idea of its value. Sigma prides itself on accurate business valuations; more than 96% of our businesses sell for their asking price. When selling the business thru Sigma the Business valuation is no-cost and no-obligation, making them an easy way to get to know Sigma and our process. Learn more about Sigma’s business valuations.

Businesses Sold

Sigma brokers specialize in selling businesses whose annual revenues average between $750,000 and $50 million; in fact, since 2004, we’ve sold more than 500 businesses in and around Dallas Texas. From contractors and professional services businesses to spas, screens and virtually everything in between, we’ve been fortunate to work with product- and service- based businesses in a variety of different industries, and we can put that experience to work for your business. Check out some of the businesses Sigma has sold.


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