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Buyer / Seller Crossroads Sign The process of buying a business has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. What we are witnessing in this new digital age is that the old rules don’t work. Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions is leading the pack in delivering critical information to business buyers in a timely manner while maintaining confidentiality for the business. The process of buying a business can be confusing and time consuming. Even if you have experience in the corporate world of mergers and acquisitions, you may still find yourself on unfamiliar ground when buying a small company.

While the digital world has change the process of buying a business, the heart of being successful is still centered on the people. There is a science to buying a business, and at the same time there is an art to buying a business. Both are critical. The science is more about the steps and the processes of buying a business. The art is the psychology of the deal - the understanding and empathy of the seller and their perspective. The most successful business buyers understand this art of buying a business. It can mean a world of difference in the success and failure of the business in the future. This art is not just about the buying process but it affects the future success once you own the business. If you can’t take book knowledge of buying a business and disseminate that information into an art and philosophy with empathy and wisdom, you are doomed for failure.

The good news is Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions is seasoned at the processes and practical knowledge and are experts at the art of the deal. We gained this experience from owning and selling our own businesses, and helping hundreds of business buyers purchase businesses. We pride ourselves at equipping business buyers with the tools they need to be successful in owning their own business. Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions helps you the business buyer understand the art of buying a business as well as the process. This information is critical to your success. Our tool box of business buying assets are customizable to you and your seller’s specific situation.

And of course, if you’re a veteran in business transfers and you’ve bought and sold many businesses, you’ll gain a valuable understanding of the process that will assist you in working with our firm.


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What Buyers Said
About Sigma...

"Sigma proved to be an enormous asset is helping us consummate a deal with the sellers that was mutually beneficial to all involved."
- Marcus Bodet, acquired Resource One, Incorporated

"We were lucky be have Sigma on the other side of the table. Without their creativity and guidance, this transaction would not have closed."
- Adrienne Hamblin, acquired PerWess Co.

"Sigma's online NDA system and video presentation made it easy to look at a business from 500 miles away. Before I even came to Dallas I knew I wanted the business."
- Ken Pierce, acquired L & L Pro Pac


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