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Creating An Achievable Vision

The start of our process provides an opportunity to exchange the information needed for the most optimal outcome. Together we review information about your business heritage, assets, unique attributes, and personal objectives and outline what to expect throughout our engagement.

Determining Your Valuation

Once we collect the information necessary for assessment, we provide an opinion of value for the business utilizing multiple valuation models to ensure the highest and most accurate value for your business. We present the representation agreement and, once signed, proceed to identify the appropriate purchaser.

Marketing to Potential Purchasers

The search for a buyer is strategic and precise. This process starts with the Confidentiality Navigator, a tool we’ve designed to protect the anonymity of the sale. Our marketing program consists of a series of innovative solutions, industry-leading technologies, and established best practices. As a plan is deployed, we consistently keep you updated on developments.

Reviewing Qualified Buyers

Our DNA Match Advisor evaluates potential buyers. We work hard to eliminate the “tire-kickers” before they waste your time. In addition to finances and business goals, we review their historical performance and evaluate their skill sets.

Due diligence
Safeguarding The Transaction

As we move closer to securing you an offer, a review of the tangible and intangible assets within your business is performed while we negotiate every point of the deal using our 360° Negotiator. This thorough process enables us to guard against any unseen problems in the deal, finalize the offer, and ensure a timely close.

Inspecting and Verifying Everything

We work closely with the purchaser’s lender which ensures that you are protected in the process as best as possible. A signed offer launches a final review of financial and legal documents, contingencies are examined, and outstanding matters are confirmed. The close of this step results in a signed purchase agreement.

Finalizing The Sale

To finalize the sale, we confirm that the transaction is accurately and efficiently completed. This includes reviewing the appropriate documents, attaining final signatures, and confirming that payment is properly sent. We help close the sale knowing the original objectives are met and your satisfaction is surpassed.

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