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How to Sell a Bed and Mattress Store

The bed and mattress industry is in a good place with excellent growth projections. Additionally, since the market is no

How to Sell a Bed-and-Breakfast Business

Now is an excellent time for many bed-and-breakfast owners to sell their businesses. This review discusses the valuation and sales

How to Sell a Beauty Salon

Are you considering selling a beauty salon? This review discusses everything you need to know about selling your hair or

How to Sell a Batteries Plus Franchise Business

The automotive industry, including Batteries Plus franchise stores, is expected to do well as more drivers purchase used vehicles rather

How to Sell a Baskin Robbins Franchise Restaurant

Selling a Baskin Robbins restaurant presents unique challenges, such as ensuring all requirements established in your franchise agreement are fulfilled.

How to Sell a Bar

There were few industries hit harder by the COVID pandemic than the bar industry. Nevertheless, in a post-pandemic world, many

How to Sell a Barbershop

The barbershop industry changes regularly as trending hairstyles and marketing approaches evolve. This review discusses barbershops in detail. More specifically,

How to Sell a Bakery

For many bakery owners, the idea of selling is overwhelming and risky. The good news is the sales process does

How to Sell a Bait and Tackle Shop

The sales process may seem overwhelming, but you can simplify the sale of your bait and tackle shop and help

How to Sell a Bagel Shop

Bagel shops, along with pastry shops and bakeries, have fair values and excellent growth potential, especially the shops that offer

How to Sell an A&W Restaurant Franchise

The A&W restaurant franchise is a well-established brand, and it is seen by many investors within the fast food space

How to Sell an Aviation and Aerospace Company

There is substantial fascination with the aviation and aerospace industry. Many aviation lovers and investors are interested in purchasing an

How to Sell an Auto Wrecking Company

The auto wrecking industry is a unique industry with great potential and sustainability. Now is a great time for many

How to Sell an Auto Repair Service Center

Do you want to sell an auto repair service center? There is demand among auto enthusiasts and investors for established

How to Sell an Auto Rental Company

As you may know, despite excellent growth before the pandemic, the auto rental industry faced many challenges during the COVID-19

How to Sell an Auto Parts and Accessories Retail Store

Many auto parts and accessories retail stores are selling at or above fair market value due to excellent industry demand.

How to Sell an Auto Detailing Company

Many investors are willing to pay a substantial amount for established auto detailing companies with excellent potential. If you own

How to Sell a Used Car Auto Dealership

The used car auto industry is expected to perform well as many Americans opt for used vehicles rather than new

How to Sell an Auto Mufflers Company

Are you the owner of an auto muffler company? If so, then it helps to understand your company’s value and

How to Sell an Oil Change Company

Now is a great time for many owners of oil change companies to sell and complete their exit strategy. This

How to Sell an Auto Brake Service Shop

Auto brake service shops remain in high demand as more car buyers opt for used cars than new ones. This

How to Sell an Auto Auction Company

Are you considering selling your auto auction company? The auto auction industry is intriguing for many buyers. If you are

How to Sell a New Car Auto Dealership

Many experts predict a post-pandemic rise in new car sales. This leads to demand and a great opportunity for new

How to Sell an Auto Glass Repair Company

Auto glass repair companies are in relatively high demand. If you are considering selling your auto glass repair company, then

How to Sell a Collision Repair and Body Shop

This review from a business broker discusses the sales process for collision repair and body shops. The industry is incredibly

How to Sell a Video Conferencing Company

You can sell your video conferencing business in six easy steps with the assistance of a business broker, although the

How to Sell a FedEx Route

You can sell a FedEx Route with the assistance of a business broker, although the precise sales journey depends on

How to Sell Assisted Living Facilities/Retirement Communities

We are experiencing an influx of seniors entering nursing homes, a trend that is likely to continue for the next

How to Sell an Arts and Crafts Store

Are you considering selling your arts and crafts store? Despite a recent industry decline, there is still demand for arts

How to Sell an Audio and Film Company

This review discusses how to sell an audio and film company. Moreover, we highlight the best way to determine your

How to Sell an Art Gallery

There is a relatively high demand for art galleries despite a recent decline in the industry’s size. If you are

How to Sell an Architectural Firm

Many architectural firms are selling at or above fair market value. There is an excellent demand for established firms as

How to Sell an Appliance Store

If you have successfully owned and operated an appliance store (or multiple appliance stores) and are now planning your exit

How to Sell an Arcade, Food, and Entertainment Complex

It may seem intimidating to sell an entertainment complex. Perhaps you have looked up the process and have become overwhelmed

How to Sell an Apparel Knitting Mill

Are you putting together a strategy to sell your apparel knitting mill? The apparel knitting mill has declined significantly over

How to Sell an Apartment Rental Company

You can sell your apartment rental company by determining its value and working with a business broker who understands your

How to Sell an Apex Leadership Co. Franchise Business

Are you interested in selling your Apex Leadership Co. franchise business? If so, there may be a good market for

How to Sell an Anytime Fitness Franchise Business

Are you an Anytime Fitness franchisee? If so, it helps to understand the value of your business, especially if you

How to Sell an Animal Food Production Company

The animal food production industry declined slightly in recent years, but the industry remains strong with expected growth. Due to

How to Sell an Ambulance Service Company

There is a growing demand in the ambulance service industry as more municipalities and counties are contracting with private ambulance

How to Sell an Aluminum Smelting Company

The aluminum smelting industry is unique and filled with excellent earning potential, which attracts the attention of many prospective buyers.

How to Sell an Alphagraphics Franchise Business

Full-service print shops remain in high demand; AlphaGraphics is one of the largest players in the industry. This guide offers

How to Sell an Allegra Marketing Franchise Business

Selling an Allegra Marketing franchise business is much more complex than selling a home or a vehicle. Moreover, selling a

How to Sell an Antique Shop

Selling an antique shop may seem intimidating, but you can ensure all goes well by learning more about the process

How to Sell an Aircraft Cleaning Business

Aircraft cleaning businesses have excellent growth potential as more airlines (and other transportation companies) embrace sanitation in a post-covid world.

How to Sell a Postal Mail Center

Are you considering the sale of an AIM mail center or Eagle Postal Center (or another type of postal store

How to Sell an Advertising Agency

Now is an excellent time for many advertising agencies to sell and receive fair market value. However, the sale of

How to Sell an HVAC Company

From nearing retirement to moving to a new area, there are numerous reasons why you may decide to sell your

How to Sell a Plumbing Company

If you are a licensed plumber who has had success with plumbing services within your local area, then you may

How to Sell an Electrical Company

We get it. Deciding to sell your electrical company is not easy. You have poured years into establishing a quality

How to Sell a Pool Company

Are you considering selling your pool company but are unsure how or where to start? This review discusses precisely how

How to Sell a Transmission Shop

Are you interested in selling your transmission shop or considering the possibility? This guide shows you how to determine the

How to Sell a CPA Firm

CPA firms are one of the most stable business models in the United States and have a more challenging barrier

How to Sell an Accounting Firm

A successful exit strategy may include the sale of your accounting firm. In many cases, this is the final stage

How to Sell a Tax Accounting Firm

Selling a tax accounting firm has never been easier if you are prepared and have a team in your corner

How to Sell a Hardware Store

Whether you own a franchise store such as Ace Hardware or a local independent shop, now is a great time

How to Sell an Aircraft Manufacturing Company

Flight traffic is returning to pre-pandemic levels, and the aerospace industry is seeing sizeable growth. Consequently, aircraft manufacturing is a

How to Sell an Airport Operations Company

Have you considered selling an airport operations company? As flight traffic returns to normal following the pandemic, airport operations companies

How to Sell an Ambulatory Surgery Center

Do you want to sell an ambulatory surgery center? If so, it is essential to understand the basics of selling

How to Sell Your Med Spa for Top Dollar

Med spas are more popular and profitable than ever, and buyers have taken notice. The medical aesthetic market in the

How To Sell A Machine Shop

So you think you are ready to sell your machine shop business? After all the years of dedication you have

How to Sell an Awning Manufacturing and Installation Company

Awning manufacturing and installation companies are taking advantage of recent residential and commercial growth Traditionally, the commercial real estate sector

Scot Cockroft Business Broker
Hi, I’m Scot Cockroft.

When I founded Sigma Mergers and Acquisitions back in 2003, I had sold my business the year prior.

Now, that can sound good, but let me tell you, back in 2003, it was not easy to sell a business. Not that I’m saying in modern day times it’s easy to sell a business, but back then I interviewed broker after broker after broker, and no one was interested in actually seeing the value that my business brought to the table.