Professional Buyer Representation

Business Owners Aren’t the Only Ones Who Should Have Help

When it comes to transactions between buyers and sellers of companies, the vast majority of business owners are represented by some sort of third-party intermediary, such as Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions.

Most of these sellers have never sold a company before, and before they attempt to make what will likely be the biggest financial decision of their lives, they want to ensure they have as much qualified help as possible.

So why don’t more buyers have that same representation? Buyers are also likely acquiring a business for the first time while making the biggest financial decision of their lives. However, in our experience, less than 5% of the businesses we’ve helped sell were purchased by buyers with their own representation assisting them.

That’s why Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions offers three different buy-side representation programs to people who feel like they might want some assistance at some point in the purchasing process. Our buy-side representation programs are built around our proprietary DRIVE-5™ buying process.

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