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No matter your reason for selling your business—whether it’s time to retire or you’re ready to invest in a new adventure—it’s bound to be a time filled with mixed emotions. After all, you’ve put your heart and soul into making your business work, spending long hours at your desk or behind the counter making things happen. Even if you’re certain it’s the right time and the right thing to do for yourself and your family, there’s no doubt that letting go of the business you’ve worked so hard to create will be a bit bittersweet.

Your Business is More than Its P&L Statement

We Know Because We’ve Been There

At Sigma, we understand the practical and emotional sides of selling a business because we’ve been there ourselves. In fact, Sigma’s current owner Scot Cockroft purchased the company 15 years ago after a frustrating experience selling his own small business.

Interviewing potential business brokers to assist with his sale, Scot was flabbergasted when the broker asked for Scot’s company’s P&L statement, spending the entire meeting focusing on his own achievements instead. Knowing that there was much more to his business than its financials, Scot saw an opportunity to fill a much-needed niche in the business broker market, which eventually led to the purchase of Sigma and the development of our business selling process, DealMap™.

Scot isn’t the only one at Sigma with personal experience selling a business. All of our brokers have started, bought and/or sold their own businesses, and one of our brokers is actually a fourth-generation business owner, having heard stories about his great-grandfather’s dairy farm and witnessing his parents’ and grandparents’ entrepreneurial pursuits before jumping in for himself. All of us know the struggles associated with running and growing a business; we’ve seen first-hand how overwhelming and confusing the process can be and channel that experience into helping the sales process go more smoothly for you.

It’s More than a Transaction. It’s a Life Transition.

Unlike other business brokerages that focus solely on financials and numbers and urge sellers to take the first full-price offer that comes across the table, Sigma’s approach—our DealMap selling process —lies in packaging and promoting your business so that it attracts a buyer who makes sense from a financial and philosophical point of view. Why?

Because this isn’t just about how much money you can make, or how much commission we make. It’s about taking the business that you’ve put years of blood, sweat and tears into—this business that made you late to your own anniversary dinner and the business where you’ve watched your employees’ children grow as fast as your own—and finding a buyer who not only will pay you what it’s worth, but whose business approach will most closely mirror your own.

This is about what you want to do after you sell the business (retire, invest in another business, take some time and think about it?) and what kind of situation you want for the employees, clients and vendors you are leaving behind when you hand over the keys.

By insisting on working with a broker who will find a buyer that fits your financial and philosophical needs, you’ll be gaining priceless peace of mind. When the sale is closed and you move on to whatever the future holds for you, you can do so confident that you’ve done everything possible to ensure your business is in good hands.

Want a buyer who craves a business opportunity with the same “family” atmosphere you created in your business? Prefer a buyer who is just as interested (or more) in your employees and your customers as she is in your financials? Sigma can make that connection. Get in contact with us today.


Founded in the 1980s, Sigma has been selling businesses in Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas for more than 30 years; in fact, we’ve actually sold more businesses for more dollars than any other business brokerage firm in the entire state of Texas. Within the entire US, Sigma ranks among the top 2% of business brokers. And our business valuations are so accurate that 96% of our listings sell for their asking price or more.

Certainly, there’s no shortage of business brokerage firms in Dallas—and even more as you look around the state. But none come close to having Sigma’s long history, proven track record or innovative DealMap process —and with our risk-free, no-retainer policy, talking to us about selling your business simply makes good business sense. When you’re ready to have a conversation, we’re here. Get in touch.


With more than 5,000 qualified buyers in our database (and more joining every day), we have the unique ability to communicate specific messages about business opportunities to individuals actively looking for companies to purchase. When we bring a new business to market, we’re able to segment this database into a group of potentially interested parties based on the size and type of businesses they are looking for, and then send those individuals direct messages. The management and utilization of this system explains why more than two-thirds of our listings are purchased by buyers already in our database.


On average we’ll show a single listing to 50 different qualified buyers that have signed NDAs, and almost every one of those buyers wants to meet the business owner and tour the facility. So we’re left with two options in these cases – either we arrange 50 meetings with the owner at the business location, or we deny buyers access to the company. Neither of those options is ideal. Faced with this problem, we developed a third option. We shoot video interviews with the business owner and take on-camera tours of the facility. These proprietary video presentations accomplish two primary objectives – sellers aren’t inconvenienced with numerous introductory meetings with buyers, while buyers are give the opportunity to “meet” the seller, see the facility and have all of the basic questions about a business answered.


Hubspot is a CRM software platform we use to tie all of our marketing tools together. This is another innovation Sigma has brought to our industry, allowing us to manage our robust database, automate our information delivery and target specific buyers with customized marketing messages. It would take as many as 10 full-time employees to duplicate the work done by the proprietary processes we have built using Hubspot.