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Who we are is bigger than just the services we offer. Sigma is a mathematical sum.  What that means in our industry is we are uniquely gifted at being all of the pieces together to cause a great deal to come together. What we are is greater than the sum of our parts and more powerful than any words on a page. At Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions, we participate daily as stewards of trust and action in a culture of accountability, integrity and expertise with a standing mandate for success. We are driven to serve others in their pursuit of excellence, expression and fulfillment. And we love doing it.

Experience & Expertise

The origins of Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions in Dallas date back to the mid-‘80s, and over the past 15 years under the ownership of Scot Cockroft the office has not only blazed new trails in regards to how business are marketed and sold, but also has the results to show for it. In Scot's early years, as part of a national franchise network, his office was a top-five ranked office every year, including finishing as the No.1 office in the world in 2011 and 2013. Now out from under antiquated systems of a franchise and under a new name, Sigma is home to top-ranked agents, top-ranked owners and even the recipient of the 2010 Dallas Business Journal Dealmaker of the Year Award. We have successfully facilitated transactions from $100,000 to $30 million in every major industry segment.

But don’t take our word for it – we encourage you to hear what our previous clients had to say about us…

Systems: The confidentiality coordinator

If there is one aspect of selling a business that we feel is more important than any other, it’s certainly confidentiality. Nothing can potentially harm a company more than employees, vendors, customers or competitors learning that a business is for sale. With this in mind, Sigma puts an inordinate amount of emphasis on confidentiality and developed the Confidentiality Coordinator as a key part of Sigma DealMap.

The foundation of our Envisage Marketing System is seller confidentiality – we go to great lengths to protect the identity of the business and owner until a buyer has been properly qualified as a legitimate candidate to purchase the company.

The biggest example of our commitment to confidentiality can be found in our non-disclosure process. Buyers are required to complete an online NDA form through our website, which is then processed through a third-party verification software to validate or invalidate the buyer. To put it simply, buyers must be who they say they are in order to receive any additional information from us pertaining to a business.

the envisage marketing system

It’s impossible to sell a business without finding a buyer, so we put a tremendous amount of effort into our marketing program. We break this process up into two parts – what we call “internal” and “external” marketing.

External marketing is what most business owners are familiar with – these are the things we do publicly to generate interest for a company. This includes tools like direct marketing and placing ads on various websites. There is nothing proprietary about external marketing – anyone can do it, and this is the extent most business brokers go to to market a company.

Internal marketing is where Sigma truly separates itself from other firms – these are our proprietary processes used to deliver a customized message about a company to a specific buyer:

  • Buyer Database – with more than 5,000 qualified buyers in our database (and more joining every day), we have the unique ability to communicate specific messages about business opportunities to individuals actively looking for companies to purchase. When we bring a new business to market, we’re able to segment this database into a group of potentially interested parties based on the size and type of businesses they are looking for, and then send those individuals direct messages. The management and utilization of this system explains why more than two-thirds of our listings are purchased by buyers already in our database.
  • Video Presentation – on average we’ll show a single listing to 50 different qualified buyers that have signed NDAs, and almost every one of those buyers wants to meet the business owner and tour the facility. So we’re left with two options in these cases – either we arrange 50 meetings with the owner at the business location, or we deny buyers access to the company. Neither of those options is ideal. Faced with this problem, we developed a third option. We shoot video interviews with the business owner and take on-camera tours of the facility. These proprietary video presentations accomplish two primary objectives – sellers aren’t inconvenienced with numerous introductory meetings with buyers, while buyers are give the opportunity to “meet” the seller, see the facility and have all of the basic questions about a business answered.
  • Infusionsoft System – Infusionsoft is a CRM software platform we use to tie all of our marketing tools together. This is another innovation Sigma has brought to our industry, allowing us to manage our robust database, automate our information delivery and target specific buyers with customized marketing messages. It would take as many as 10 full-time employees to duplicate the work done by the proprietary processes we have built using Infusionsoft.

we make it easy for buyers to buy businesses

This may not sound like a novel concept, but we’re amazed at how difficult other business sales offices make it for buyers to actually buy a business. Sigma recently surveyed all of the buyers in our database about their experiences in trying to acquire a company. Hands-down the two biggest complaints were lack of communication from the broker and lack of sufficient information provided to assess the company. Then when asked them a rate the quality of our services in those two areas, and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

We have one key focus when it comes to marketing and selling companies to buyers – make it easy for buyers to buy businesses. Considering the two major frustrations buyers have, we overcome them through working smarter than our competitors:

  • Lack of Communication – by utilizing technology, such as our online NDA, third-party verification software, buyer database and Infusionsoft system, a buyer can literally have a comprehensive (and confidential) business profile in his or her hands within five minutes of seeing the business for sale for the first time, even if it’s 3 a.m. Our marketing and delivery system is built on the idea that getting buyers better information faster that what they get from other firms makes our listings more attractive.
  • Lack of Quality Information – the comprehensive business profile that buyers receive within minutes of executing our online NDA provides more depth and quality of information than most brokers even have on their own listings. We’re able to provide such quality data because we take the time to develop a thoughtful and confidential profile designed to give buyers enough information to truly know if they are interested enough to move forward. The objective of our business profile and video presentation is to cover the information that every buyer wants to know about a company – that way when he or she decides to move forward, we are not wasting a business owner’s time with a buyer who doesn’t know very much about a company.

no upfront fees

We have a simple opinion when it comes to upfront fees – it’s a scam. How can a business owner expect to receive the highest quality service and attention from a firm that has already collected hefty fee before doing any work? Unfortunately, many firms that charge upfront fees do so because they have to – by not successfully selling enough businesses, they need cash flow to stay in business … and then getting the upfront fee becomes their primary purpose instead of selling businesses.

At Sigma we don’t charge upfront fees. We are paid what we call a “success fee” for the services and guidance provided during the listing and selling process. We’re able to operate in this manner because we only list business we believe we can actually sell – we’re not tempted to take on a questionable listing just to earn a fee upfront.


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