Scot Cockroft

“I believe that the reason I have been so successful selling large and small companies is because I truly understand the business owner.”

— Scot Cockroft


Scot Cockroft is the president and owner of Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions (formerly HBG Advisors). Scot launched into the Dallas / Fort Worth business brokerage industry in 2004 after selling his own business with a Dallas business broker. During that time he owned an office as part of a national franchise. Scot departed the franchise because of antiquated processes that hindering his and his teams ability to actually serve clients and sell businesses. Immediately, Scot developed a business selling process called Sigma DealMap™. This process changed the way businesses are being sold and has allowed Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions to sell and be involved in selling over 500 businesses.

As president of Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions. Scot has a long track record of selling all types of businesses from Manufacturing, Service, Distribution, Patents and Oil and Gas companies when others have failed.

Major Accomplishments and Awards:

Scot is known as the business sales thought leader because of his innovative and outside the box thinking. Scot filled a need in the business sales industry that no one seem to recognize or knew how to capitalize on. “I believe that the reason I have been so successful selling large and small companies is because I truly understand the business owner.”  This began from growing up with a grand father and father both owning and operating a small business. As well, Scot has started and/or owned himself numerous businesses. From eighth grade model airplane business, five different e-commerce businesses to niche janitorial company. Having this insight as well as selling his own business he understands the emotions and the perspective of business owners.

Scot’s passion to serve entrepreneurial business owners is unparalleled. He consistently provides clients with creative and innovative methods to market and sell their businesses. In fact, some of these methods for marketing and business have changed the way businesses go to market nationwide. He is committed to a “different” type of business brokerage firm, one that is NOT about a sales pitch but, rather, results! In short, a business brokerage and M&A firm that is committed to performance-based compensation. Scot believes in these principles as well as a candid honesty with clients. His candid style often takes buyers and sellers by surprise, but is often what assures successful connections between the two.

An experienced entrepreneur and business owner, Scot purchased the Dallas VR Business Brokers office after the profitable sale of his own company. Since 2004, the office that Scot purchased became (for the first time) the #1 business brokerage office in Texas, ranking # 1 each year as well as a top office nationwide. The office that Scot lead actually became a top 5 business brokerage office in the USA during his time. Ranking #1 in the USA in 2008. In addition, Scot Cockroft has been a Top-10 producing owner worldwide every year since 2004. In 2007, Scot was named the Most Valuable Intermediary in the World. In 2010, named Deal Maker of the Year by the Dallas Business Journal.

Scot’s passion is to continue building on the business he created. It is Scot’s belief that clients will now be even better served without the restrictions of a franchise. Sigma is now a thriving business brokerage and M&A firm in Dallas providing passionate and innovative representation for business owners seeking to sell their business as well as prospective business buyers needing consultation. While we currently sell businesses across Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Midland and all of Texas and Oklahoma we do plan on opening an office in Houston and Oklahoma city to compliment the Dallas office soon. Go here for articles Scot has written about Selling a business, Valuing a business and also buying a business.