How to Sell an Apex Leadership Co. Franchise Business


Are you interested in selling your Apex Leadership Co. franchise business? If so, there may be a good market for you to sell for fair market value. This guide discusses how to determine the value of your Apex Leadership Co. franchise business and provides a step-by-step review of the sale process. 

About The Apex Leadership Co. Franchise

There are approximately 100 Apex Leadership Co. franchise businesses. Apex Leadership Co. offers business support services and fundraising services. They have a successful business model with little competition in their industry. Consequently, franchisees generally receive fair market value (or more) for their company if and when they decide to sell. 

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How Much is My Apex Leadership Co. Franchise Business Worth?

Every Apex Leadership Co. franchise business has a unique value. The factors that determine your company’s worth include your financial information, such as your earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE), gross profit, and net sales. 

Your company’s location also plays a role, urban locations are usually more valuable than those in rural areas. Other factors may include your unique competitive value, the quality of your workforce, and, in some cases, your reason for selling. You can also use rule of thumb data to generate a range of your company’s value. The rule of thumb data for Apex Leadership Co. includes: 

  • Apex Leadership Co. franchise businesses sold between 2.02 to 2.49 times the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE)
  • Apex Leadership Co. franchise businesses sold between 0.46 and 1.02 times the annual net sales
  • Apex Leadership Co. franchise businesses sold for approximately 2.63 times the Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA)

What Steps Are Involved in The Sales Process?

The first step, as discussed, is to receive a free business valuation to determine if and when you should sell your company. Selling an Apex Leadership Co. franchise business is also unique as you have to learn and understand the franchise agreement. Although you should personalize your strategy, here are the steps that you can expect during your sales journey: 

  • Receive a free business valuation
  • Plan your exit strategy
  • Review your franchise agreement and collect documents
  • Find a buyer with a confidential marketing strategy
  • Have the buyer sign the LOI and complete due diligence
  • Schedule the closing and complete the business transfer


Let’s take a closer look at each step to gain a more in-depth understanding. Keep in mind, this is a general overview, and you should speak with a professional business broker or a more detailed explanation of each phase of the sales process for Apex Leadership Co. franchisees. 

Stage 1: Receive a Free Business Valuation

You can receive a professional valuation from a business broker. Your business valuation indicates what is fair market value for your Apex Leadership Co. franchise business. You can decide if and when you sell based on this information. For instance, if your valuation is lower than you would like, you may take steps to raise the worth before seeking a buyer. If your valuation is equal to or greater than what you hoped, you may decide to proceed to the market immediately. 

Stage 2: Plan Your Exit Strategy

Your exit strategy is your plan for selling your business and transitioning into the next stage of your life. You should establish your financial and personal goals during this stage. During this planning stage, you determine:

  • Your company’s value
  • Your company vision
  • Your personal goals
  • Your financial goals

Exit strategy planning also involves the creation of a timeline. It is not always best to go to market immediately, and the market may be more generous if you wait. You also assemble a team to help you execute your exit strategy during this stage. This may include but is not necessarily limited to your business broker, attorney, and certified public accountant (CPA). Specifically, your business broker helps you plan your exit strategy.

Stage 3: Review Your Franchise Agreement and Collect Documents

The process for selling your Apex Leadership Co. business is different. This is because you likely have a franchise agreement with them that may include stipulations. Your attorney and business broker can help you understand all relevant details of the franchise agreement as it pertains to selling. They can help you collect the necessary documents and notify the franchisor (Apex Leadership Co.).

Stage 4: Find a Buyer With a Confidential Marketing Strategy 

Selling a property may involve publicly placed advertisements in front of your property and on real estate websites. A business sale is much different and takes place privately. This is done to ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout the sales process to ensure news of your sale does not impact business operations and your company’s value.

The need for confidentiality is also why it is imperative to work with a business broker who has experience maintaining confidentiality while selling businesses for fair market value. They can use their networks, databases, and connections to find a buyer that is right for your company’s future and allows you to reach your exit strategy goals. 

Stage 5: Have The Buyer Sign The LOI and Complete Due Diligence

A letter of intent (LOI) is a document that establishes the buyer’s intent to purchase your Apex Leadership Co. business. The LOI is not typically a legally-binding contract; although, the purchase agreement is a legal document. The purpose of the LOI is to establish the buyer’s intention to purchase before the due diligence stage. The document outlines all contingencies that must be met, along with the intended purchase price and other details. 

Due diligence occurs after the LOI is signed. This is the buyer’s opportunity to confirm all details about your Apex Leadership Co. business. Due diligence usually involves an extensive review of your financial, legal, and operational documents. They may also request an on-site visit to review the business processes. 

Stage 6: Schedule Closing and Complete The Business Transfer

Last but not least, you will close the sale. This is a straightforward process, although it can include an extensive legal review by your attorney (and the seller’s attorney). You will also start (or continue) the transfer. This may involve notifying the franchisor (Apex Leadership Co.) that the sale has been completed, updating policy information, notifying employees and clients, and providing full access to the business (real estate, online records, etc.). 

Receive a Free Business Valuation With Sigma Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you planning your exit strategy? The business brokerage team at Sigma Mergers and Acquisitions helps Apex Leadership Co. franchisees sell for fair market value. We also assist with navigating your franchise agreement and transferring the business. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our brokerage and consultancy service.

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